3 Ways to Disciple Your Kids Today

3 Ways to Disciple Your Kids Today
We love to equip you on your discipleship journey with your kids! Here are a few prompts to help you weave meaningful conversations into little moments TODAY.



Before school, ask your kids these questions:

  • What do you think it takes to be a good friend?

  • How can you show God's love to your classmates this week? 



After school, take your kids on a walk around the neighborhood. Point out things in nature that God has created and ask them questions, like: 

  • What is your favorite thing God created?
  • Do you think Jesus liked playing outside as a little boy?



At bedtime, lead your child through a prayer of thankfulness. Have them thank God for specific things in their lives.

It can go something like this:
Dear Jesus, Thank you for all of the things that you gave us today like _________. Thank you for my school and classmates, and thank you for my family. Thank you for Your love and for _______. Amen.
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