A Prayer For A New Month

A Prayer For A New Month

Springtime brings about new life in God's creation, and we want to begin this month thanking the Creator for the beauty all around us❤️

Will you pray this with us?


A Prayer For A New Month


Thank you for the gift of a new month.  As Spring begins and evidence of the seasons changing meets us we look at your creation, remind us to pause and take it in.

As we feel the cool grass beneath our feet, would the fresh color of green remind us that you are the giver of life.

As gardens begin to grow, may we remember that you love to grow the fruits of the spirit in us.

As we see blooms on trees and the wind gently blows them, may we feel your kindness wrapping us up and twirling us around.

When the sun hits our face in the coolness of the day, may we feel the warmth of your love from the top of our head to the tip of our toes.

Spring reminds us of newness as we walk among the beauty of this world.  Let us take in your wonder, your creation, the life you bring forth out of winter.

God - you are a wondrous King and the most creative father.  Thank you for allowing us to see it all, enjoy every bit and live in a world of intricate detail that you personally created for us.