How to Talk to Your Kids About Good Friday

How to Talk to Your Kids About Good Friday

It's easy to talk to our kids about the stone rolling away and Jesus rising from the dead... but how do we have a conversation about Good Friday?

We consider how we approach it, say what it is, invite our kids into conversation and we pray together.  The best news is God will use our open hands and willingness to guide our little sheep, just as he will guide us when we talk about heavy and hard things.


 Think about not only the age of your child, but their ability to handle deeper conversations and the maturity to digest them.  This is a great way to approach any gospel conversation.  Then each year as they grow, you can add more layers of God's truth and Word into your discussions.


Good Friday is the day Jesus died on the cross to save and rescue us so we could live with him forever. But don't worry, God had a plan and his best miracle of all: 3 days later he brought Jesus back to life!  He had a plan the whole time!

It's also a day where Jesus paid for all our sins.  This is a great reminder to us to practice forgiveness to each other!


  • What is sin?
  • Why did Jesus have to die?
  • What is the good news in the story?



Jesus, thank you so much for loving us in such a wild way that you gave up your life to rescue us from sin.  We are so grateful the story didn't end there, but you rose from the dead so that we could live with you forever in heaven.  Help us to share your amazing story with people in our life so that they may also be rescued by you.



I am Rescuer from The Story of God book set by Jennie Allen.